First Broadcast: Ingagi We Trust


download first broadcast: ingagi we trust >>

this is the first broadcast i’ve been able to record. it’s a short one and i wonder if i’ve missed anything. it features a different take on an old poe story. the reception starts to fade toward the end and i think i heard a voice in the static.


This episodes features music and sound effects (courtesy of attributed as follows:

  • 324085__piermic__improvisation-with-sopranino-recorder
  • 110219__timbre__109438-klankbeeld-intro-brass-01-1-before-after
  • 79974__sirmxe__harpsichord-szolo
  • 89600__cgeffex__music-classic-horror-tune-vers-3
  • 372220__skymary__radio-tuning-switching-through-frequencies-german-radio-stations
  • 178219__klangstrand__fireplace
  • 169967__scheffler__slide-down-sudden-stop

All other music and effects cues sourced from recordings in the public domain.

“Hop Frog & Trippetta” adapted from the story “Hop Frog” by Edgar Allan Poe.  The voice of Octoberpod is Jonathan Sweet.


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